7 Best Smoothie Subscription Services of 2024, Tested by Dietitians


Smoothies are a convenient and refreshing option for breakfast or a snack on-the-go. However, stocking your kitchen with all the ingredients for your favorite recipes can be costly and overwhelming. Local smoothie shops often offer blends with high prices and sugar content. A smoothie subscription service offers a solution, allowing you to customize your drink without the hassle of grocery shopping. The registered dietitians at the Good Housekeeping Institute have compiled a list of the top smoothie delivery services to simplify busy mornings.

Kencko, which translates to “healthy” in Japanese, embodies this principle as a core value of the Certified B Corp’s mission. The brand flash-freezes organic, non-GMO produce at its peak ripeness and then dehydrates it at low temperatures to create these convenient, shelf-stable smoothie packets.

Coming in at number two on the list is Kencko’s smoothie, recognized as the “Best Value Smoothie Subscription.”