An expansion stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in life changing companies that redefine a new generation of technology, consumer products and healthcare.


Cheyenne Ventures is a unique venture capital firm that provides flexible equity financing solutions to growth/expansion stage companies.

Cheyenne is purpose-built to invest, or act as a lead investor in early and expansion-stage companies with top-tier venture capital firms where existing investors want to increase their ownership.

The fund leverages a powerful framework of CEO’s, limited partners, VC’s, and advisors to enhance its unique investment strategy.

We seek out companies that have demonstrated significant market momentum through groundbreaking innovation. From environmental science, healthcare, consumer products, artificial intelligence leveraged via block-chain technology to cloud-based IT infrastructure, we focus on the team. We zero in on visionary founders, not the sector

Select Current and Past Investments

Within the last ten years, Cheyenne and its partners have led or sourced investments that have generated top quartile returns and value exceeding $12 billion.


Gregory Eaton

FOUNDER - Managing Director

Jay Fulcher

Managing Partner


These articles are a testament to the diversity and scope of our portfolio companies: a celebration of shared successes, a testament to lasting partnerships, and a source of inspiration for those who believe in the power of collaboration and innovation.

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Vegan Restaurant News of the Week: Philly Cheesesteaks

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