BlockchainK2 Invests in RealBlocks

Real Blocks

BlockchainK2 has announced an investment in RealBlocks, a company focused on providing a platform for launching and managing private funds. The specific terms of the deal were not disclosed initially. With a market value of approximately $7.85 million, BlockchainK2 has acquired a majority stake in RealBlocks.

BlockchainK2 aims to establish a connection between the blockchain sector and traditional capital markets. CEO Sergei Stetsenko highlighted the company’s commitment to advancing financial market automation and expressed enthusiasm for utilizing generative AI and tokenization.

Stetsenko emphasized the transformative potential of decentralized, open-source smart contract protocols, enabling the tokenization of real-world assets such as equity and debt. This approach facilitates faster and more efficient capital raises, as blockchain technology reduces inter-party dependency and enhances transparency, countering the traditional siloed nature of information. Tokenization also streamlines operations, reducing costs. For instance, compliance requirements can be programmed into tokens through smart contracts, diminishing the effort and expense of ongoing compliance endeavors. Stetsenko believes that tokenized assets will enable broader ownership, deepen markets, and facilitate globalized micro-investing in all asset classes.

In addition to RealBlocks, BlockchainK2 has investments in two other blockchain-based companies.