Bolster Hires Two Executives to Accelerate A.I. Innovation


Our partner, Bolster, Inc., a leader in anti-phishing artificial intelligence, has appointed two key executives to drive innovation in A.I.-powered phishing detection and response. Sharath Veldanda, formerly of Proofpoint, joins as the Vice President of Engineering, while Jeff Klinkrodt, previously with vArmour, assumes the role of Vice President of Finance. These appointments underscore Bolster’s commitment to advancing A.I. solutions for real-time phishing incident detection and response.

In his new role, Sharath Veldanda will spearhead the development and expansion of Bolster’s cutting-edge A.I. security products. With over two decades of experience in engineering leadership and a proven track record in delivering innovative SaaS products in cybersecurity, Sharath brings valuable expertise from companies like Cisco, NetCitadel, Brocade, and Proofpoint.

As Vice President of Finance, Jeff Klinkrodt will leverage his extensive experience in financial management and strategic modeling to drive Bolster’s financial strategies. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Jeff has successfully led finance teams and steered business objectives for top technology firms such as vArmour, ON24, Cisco, and Honeywell. Jeff is also a trusted advisor for over 15 startups in Silicon Valley, further highlighting his financial acumen and industry influence.