Kencko products are now available at Walmart


Kencko, the beloved provider of organic, additive-free instant smoothies and fruit bites, is breaking new ground in the world of retail. What was once an exclusive delight for its loyal members is now set to delight a wider audience, as Kencko’s products are making their debut on the shelves of Walmart stores across the nation.

For years, Kencko’s dedicated members have cherished their delicious smoothies and fruit bites through a subscription-based model. Now, thanks to a visionary move, these delectable treats are ready to tantalize the taste buds of retail customers everywhere.

The excitement is building as Kencko and Walmart join forces to make this culinary revolution possible. As of May 22, shoppers can stroll down Walmart’s aisles and discover Kencko’s vibrant, wholesome offerings for the very first time. The prospect of being able to reach for a box of Kencko products from the shelves represents a new level of convenience for consumers.

This exciting development at Walmart marks a new chapter in Kencko’s mission to make healthy eating enjoyable and effortless. It’s a story of culinary innovation and accessibility that brings smiles to both loyal members and those just embarking on their Kencko journey. As Kencko products grace the shelves of Walmart, they become a part of the everyday, nourishing countless more individuals and families with their delicious, nutritious offerings.