Raken App Enables Daily Jobsite Reporting


The Raken app facilitates daily jobsite reporting for construction contractors and subcontractors through its mobile and web platforms. Designed in 2013, this application consolidates data gathered throughout a project to streamline the management of labor hours, project budgets, and offers a comprehensive overview of the construction process to identify operational efficiencies.

Nick Pettengill, a Raken construction specialist, emphasizes the app’s user-friendly interface tailored for field personnel, ensuring ease of navigation and inputting necessary information for project managers and stakeholders. Compatible with Android or iOS devices, tablets, and desktops, the app enables managers, foremen, and superintendents to generate daily reports, work logs, production schedules, and budget breakdowns. Timecards and customizable cost codes for labor, material, and equipment tracking enhance its functionality.

The dashboard provides comprehensive company insights, including labor hours, safety incidents, project delays, and missed deadlines. Data from subcontractors’ work can be seamlessly integrated, and Raken offers a library of toolbox-talk topics, along with a signature monitoring feature for attendees.

According to Pettengill, the app’s robust data is particularly valuable for safety managers or operations managers seeking trends in company performance over weeks or months.