RealBlocks Launches $1 Billion Liquidity Solution

Real Blocks

RealBlocks has introduced Queue Protection, a groundbreaking liquidity solution for alternative investment funds, with a staggering value of $1 billion. As a tech platform specializing in alternative investments, RealBlocks facilitates a seamless digital investment process and secondary trading. This new offering is designed to alleviate increasing liquidity challenges faced by private funds dealing with redemption limits or gating issues, aligning with RealBlocks’ overarching goal of simplifying private fund investments to match the accessibility of public funds.

Perrin Quarshie, the CEO of RealBlocks, emphasized the company’s commitment to addressing the growing demand for liquidity solutions among firms. Leveraging their distinctive secondary trading technology, RealBlocks swiftly responded to current market conditions by developing Queue Protection. The platform’s existing built-in secondary trading mechanism played a crucial role in the rapid rollout of this product.

RealBlocks takes pride in its ability to set up a white-label solution for asset managers within a 60-day timeframe. This solution offers a fully digital investment and secondary trading process. While providing access to various purchasers, including Secondaries managers and other Limited Partners (LPs) of the fund, the General Partner (GP) retains control over permissions for participating in transactions. Notably, the platform has already attracted its first Secondaries manager, who has made $1 billion in capacity available.