The Rising Cost of Disputes


In their 2023 Construction Disputes Report, global engineering firm Arcadis unveiled a significant uptick in the average cost of disputes in North America over recent years.

The report reveals, “From 2021 to 2022, the average dispute value in North America surged by 42%, remaining at historically elevated levels compared to the year 2021 and preceding years.” Notably, the highest single dispute cost reached a staggering $2 billion.

Raken seamlessly integrates with your risk management strategy to enhance your team’s efficiency while maintaining rigorous quality standards.

Enhanced Visibility: With the escalation of project complexity, the likelihood of issues arising increases. Providing all stakeholders with clear visibility of the job site allows for early issue detection, preventing the types of errors that can lead to costly legal disputes. Raken’s digital daily reports empower field crews and subcontractors to efficiently document progress updates in real-time using mobile data capture. The system automatically consolidates and organizes report data into a shareable PDF format. Additionally, the platform offers managed safety and quality checklists that can be tailored to align with your specific processes, ensuring consistent adherence to the correct safety inspection and quality control procedures.

Improved Communication: Effective risk mitigation in the field necessitates active engagement from all team members, even with improved visibility. Raken’s observations tool empowers your crew to proactively report issues. Using the app, they can provide detailed reports of concerns, tag a colleague or collaborator for resolution, and designate stakeholders as “FYI” recipients for monitoring the progress of observations and intervention as needed. Raken also features camera functionality, enabling your team to capture photo and video documentation that vividly illustrates on-site developments. All visual data is automatically time and date stamped and can be appended to daily reports, checklists, and observations.

Detailed Production Data: In accordance with Arcadis’ emphasis on timely and accurate project schedules for early dispute resolution, Raken offers report dashboards and automated production insights. These tools simplify the tracking of project progress, allowing you to monitor hours worked, materials used, and incidents reported. Assessing how actuals compare to estimates empowers you to make schedule adjustments before minor issues escalate into significant delays. Additionally, the detailed data provided by Raken offers a deeper understanding of your team’s capabilities, facilitating more precise bid planning that accurately reflects past performance.