Chunk Foods Partners with US Plant-Based Distributor to Bring Chunk Steak to Philadelphia


In a remarkable collaboration that’s set to delight Philadelphia’s food scene, Chunk Foods, the Israeli plant-based biotech company, is making its mark in the United States with an exciting partnership. Their journey comes through a strategic alliance with Monster Vegan, a renowned vegan comfort food haven in Philadelphia.

What’s fueling this expansion is a recent partnership with Ace Natural, a prominent plant-based food service distributor headquartered in New York City. This pivotal alliance has paved the way for Chunk Foods to establish its presence across the United States. The buzz surrounding Chunk’s plant-based steak has already resonated in cities like New York, Orlando, Tampa, and Los Angeles, earning accolades and a growing fan base.

This dynamic expansion follows several key milestones in Chunk Foods’ journey. Their recent collaboration with Neat Burger in NYC introduced the Chunk Steak Sandwich, adding to their portfolio of delectable plant-based offerings. A successful fundraising campaign, which raised a staggering $15 million, has fueled their growth. Chunk Foods has also forged partnerships with culinary establishments like Willow Bistro in NYC and Charley’s Steak House in Florida, further cementing their footprint in the United States.

The accolades keep pouring in as Chunk Foods was recently named the Plant-Based Meat Product of the Year at the 2023 AgTech Breakthrough Awards, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Chef Ron Tadeo of Monster Vegan, an integral part of this partnership, couldn’t be more thrilled. He passionately expressed, “Chunk directly embodies what Monster Vegan stands for: ‘Eat what you want, just leave animals alone.’ We’ve come a long way in making plant-based alternatives more accessible, and Chunk is the holy grail of vegan steak.”

This exciting collaboration between Chunk Foods and Monster Vegan represents not only a significant stride in plant-based cuisine but also a remarkable fusion of culinary innovation and shared values. It’s a chapter in the growing story of making delicious, animal-friendly alternatives available to all, creating a vibrant future for plant-based dining.