Chunk Foods Carves Into the Vegan Steak Market, Expected to Cross $1 Billion by 2032


Steakhouses throughout Central Florida are embracing Chunk Foods’ vegan steak, a segment of the market that is projected to surpass $1 billion by the year 2032.

While vegan burgers have been all the rage in recent years, a heartier plant-based alternative has entered the scene: vegan steak. According to market research firm Polaris Market Research, this particular segment is on track to exceed the $1 billion milestone by 2032.

Using advanced fermentation techniques, Chunk meticulously crafts its vegan steaks from a blend of cultured, non-GMO soy and wheat, resulting in a highly nutritious product. Remarkably, it achieves this without the use of additives, thickeners, or binders, rendering the product versatile enough for a variety of cooking methods, including pan-searing, basting, grilling, smoking, stewing, and braising. These vegan steaks are not only low in salt and fat but also enriched with iron and B12, a crucial vitamin that is required as a supplement for both vegans and those who consume animal products, as it is no longer naturally available in soil.

What’s more, these delectable vegan steaks boast a high protein content, exceeding 38 grams per six-ounce serving. As Amos Golan, CEO of Chunk Foods, notes, “That’s more protein than most cuts of beef, and it comes with the added benefits of zero cholesterol and less than half the fat.”

Currently, Chunk’s vegan steaks are making their way into a growing number of restaurants across the nation, such as Monster Vegan in Philadelphia, PA.

To expand its market reach, Chunk is taking a strategic approach by not solely targeting vegetarians with its meaty vegan steak but also by appealing to meat-eaters in dining establishments. Golan explains, “We aim to expand the potential market for plant-based products, which means not limiting ourselves to vegan and vegetarian establishments.” He adds, “We want to see our products featured on the menu at every steakhouse, from upscale dining experiences like Charley’s in Florida to Outback locations nationwide. We aim to preserve the tradition of savoring a delightful steak meal and an exceptional steakhouse experience while making it more inclusive.”

In pursuit of this goal, Chunk is collaborating with Talk of the Town Restaurant Group (TOT), Central Florida’s largest steakhouse chain. Charley’s Steakhouse led the way by introducing Chunk to its menu in August, with other TOT properties like FishBones and Vito’s Chop House following suit in the fall.