Chunk Foods, The Israeli Plant-Based Meat Startup Expands to Mexico


Our partner, Chunk Foods, headquartered in Tel Aviv, has forged an investment and collaboration agreement with Better Balance, a manufacturer with operations in Spain and Mexico, to develop and distribute a novel range of plant-based, whole-cut “meats.”

This partnership signifies Chunk Foods’ dedication to the dynamic Mexican market, with a focus on offering innovative and delectable plant-based choices tailored to local tastes and preferences. The collaboration underscores the increasing global interest in plant-based diets and the potential for inventive products in this sector.

These products, devoid of cholesterol, preservatives, additives, and GMOs, and compatible with keto diets, have garnered $7.5 million in seed funding, part of a total of $22 million raised, reflecting strong investor confidence.

The foray into Mexico, supported by substantial investment and a strategic partnership, underscores the startup’s aspiration to drive innovation within the global plant-based food industry.