Food News of the Week: Meatless Brisket, Bubble Waffles and a Lunchables Makeover


From a giant slab of meatless brisket by Chunk Foods to Trader Joe’s new Bubble Waffles and a revamped version of Lunchables, here’s the best food news of the week.

Chunk Foods, renowned for its juicy meatless steaks, is launching a substantial slab of plant-based meat, ideal for brisket, pastrami, and more. The company will also showcase new products at the NRA Show, using proprietary fermentation technology to create meats that look, cook, and taste like beef. At the show, Chunk will unveil the largest slab of plant-based meat on the market and a revolutionary cubed product designed for fast-casual restaurants.

Chunk’s new Slab, weighing over three pounds, is perfect for briskets, pastrami, smoking, grilling, and tableside carving. The Cubes offer a versatile protein option for dishes like salads and bowls.

Mighty Yum has improved its plant-based Munchables, providing an even healthier version of the beloved Lunchables for both kids and adults.

Additionally, shopping at Trader Joe’s is always a treat, and this week, we’re excited about the potential arrival of Bubble Mochi Waffles in the frozen aisle.