Plant-Based Steak? Vegan Diners Rejoice As Steakhouses Find Success


Steakhouses are now catering to vegans and vegetarians with plant-based steak options that promise both delight and satisfaction.

Chunk Foods is a notable example, offering restaurants a plant-based steak crafted from cultured soy and wheat protein. These products boast protein levels that either match or surpass those found in traditional meat. The crucial question remains: do they taste as delicious as a traditional steak?

According to Seth Miller, Vice President and COO of Talk of the Town Restaurant Group, which operates Charley’s Steak House, Chunk steak successfully fooled participants in blind taste tests. These tests demonstrated that Chunk not only looks and tastes like beef but also maintains a red center when cooked to medium-rare. Charley’s Steak House is the first chain to introduce Chunk Foods’ Plant-Based Steak.

Established in 2020, Chunk Foods, a US-based food technology startup, raised $15 million in seed funding from investors that include Robert Downey Jr.’s venture capital firm, FootPrint Coalition.