Signos Leverages CGM and AI for Personalized Dietary Insights, Aiding Metabolic Health and Weight Loss


Signos, established in 2018, stands at the forefront of a health revolution by utilizing continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and AI to provide personalized dietary insights. Its service, aimed at aiding weight loss and enhancing metabolic health, extends its benefits beyond the diabetic community. This innovative approach comes at a time of increasing interest in metabolic health technologies, with companies like Dexcom and Abbott Laboratories expanding their offerings to the general public.

Signos relies on the Dexcom G7 monitor, an advanced CGM, for real-time blood glucose monitoring. This technology allows users to observe the impact of different foods on their blood sugar levels, empowering them to make informed dietary decisions. The AI-driven app from Signos analyzes this data and offers customized advice on optimal eating times and food choices to maintain balanced glucose levels. This approach not only aids in weight loss but also reduces the risk of chronic diseases.