Signos uses a glucose monitor patch and AI to help you eat healthier


Established in 2018, Signos utilizes continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and an AI-powered app to enhance users’ understanding of their metabolisms. The company offers personalized insights into how individuals’ bodies react to specific foods and optimal exercise timing for weight loss.

Glucose, a form of sugar derived from food, serves as the body’s primary energy source. A CGM is a compact sensor inserted under the skin to monitor an individual’s blood glucose levels in real-time. Typically worn on the upper arm or abdomen, the sensor wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone.

Given that everyone’s glucose levels fluctuate, spikes and drops are unavoidable. Signos aims to help users reduce the intensity and frequency of these fluctuations. The company asserts that maintaining relatively stable glucose levels can improve metabolic health, aid in weight loss, and potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

A CNBC reporter tested the platform for 30 days to assess its efficacy.