Vegan Restaurant News of the Week: Philly Cheesesteaks


At this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, renowned for showcasing global artists over its 21-year history, the spotlight is on plant-based cheesesteaks. Crafted by Top Chef winner and James Beard awardee Paul Qui, the vegan Philly cheesesteak features plant-based steak by Chunk Foods and cashew queso.

Available until December 6 in the Faena Art Project Room, patrons can savor this vegan creation alongside craft cocktails, live DJ entertainment, and Chef Qui’s other gourmet offerings.

Paul Qui expressed his enthusiasm for the plant-based creation, stating, “Eating plants is the future, and I’m happy that there’s a product that puts nature’s processes for umami in the spotlight. Flavor is everything, and Chunk is delicious.”

Amos Golan, Founder and CEO of Chunk Foods, celebrated the brand’s successful year, noting, “It’s been a breakout year for Chunk Foods, and what better way to end it than by being on the menu at one of the world’s biggest and best art fairs.”

Golan highlighted the strategic timing for Chunk Foods, as Art Basel’s international audience aligns with the brand’s plans for global expansion. He stated, “Art Basel attracts an incredible international crowd, and as Chunk Foods will soon expand our global availability, this is beyond ideal timing to introduce more diners to our award-winning plant-based steaks.”