Will plant-based protein rebound in 2024? Chunk Foods CEO shares perspectives


Chunk Foods is directing its attention to the foodservice sector and maintains a positive outlook on the US market, according to Amos Golan, the company’s founder and CEO. Emphasizing the importance of providing consumers with the best-tasting version of their plant-based meat product, Golan highlights the advantages of working in a controlled environment such as a restaurant. Learning from the experiences of other players in the plant-based industry, Chunk Foods aims to create an excellent dining and consumer experience, which is more achievable in a restaurant setting than in a supermarket.

Golan emphasizes the need for plant-based companies to focus on the health and nutritional aspects of their products to thrive in the industry. He notes that a majority of consumers (78%) are willing to pay a premium for clean-label food products, based on insights from 14,000 consumers provided by Ingredion.

Anticipating trends in 2023, Golan predicts that some companies will face challenges, leading to a cleanup in the industry, with winners emerging in each category and subcategory. Chunk Foods is committed to establishing and expanding its presence in the US market before considering expansion into other regions like Europe or Asia, particularly focusing on the whole cuts segment within the foodservice industry.